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Spirit 1.8.5 and 1.6.4 released

September 2, 2007

Spirit is a C++ parser generator framework that uses techniques such as template meta-programming and expression templates to allow expressing one’s grammars in a syntax that’s as close to EBNF as C++’s own syntax allows. Spirit is part of Boost.

Spirit 1.8.5 is a standalone variant of the version that is included in Boost 1.34.1; it doesn’t provide new features, but contains all the fixes that were applied since Spirit 1.8.4 . You can download Spirit 1.8.5 here.

Spirit 1.6.4 is the latest in a series of releases that are based on an earlier implementation that is friendlier towards older, less standard compliant compilers. It was specifically tested and works reasonably well with all Borland/CodeGear compilers from BCB6 onward. This is a bug fix only release and is likely to be the final 1.6.x version. Spirit 1.6.4 is available here.

Both Spirit 1.8.5 and 1.6.4 are available in the following variants:

Library only (the / spirit-1.x.y.tar.gz files) – These contain only Spirit itself and require an existing Boost installation. Both were tested only with Boost 1.34.0 and 1.34.1, but should work with other reasonably recent releases.

Miniboost (the / spirit-1.x.y-miniboost.tar.gz files) – These contain also the minimal subset of Boost that is needed to use Spirit. This is a new version of the Miniboost that is based on Boost 1.34.1 and has the same directory structure as Boost itself.