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How to view man pages with Yelp on Fedora 18 with the MATE desktop

February 15, 2014

At work CentOS 6 is the standard Linux distribution and I’ve become accustomed to using the default desktop’s help system to view man pages. This is actually Yelp, the GNOME help viewer, which in CentOS 6’s GNOME 2 based desktop is available by default in one of the menus.

At home however I’m currently using Fedora 18 with the Mate desktop, which doesn’t provide a similar setup, even though Yelp is used by several applications. A bigger problem, however, is the fact that once you do start Yelp there’s no evident way to get it to display man pages, even though it works from the command line, as in

yelp man:cat

This would not be very useful when Yelp is configured to run from one of the MATE menus. After some googling I found out from this forum thread that this is a known bug and that an undocumented workaround is to type Control-L in the navigation bar. After that man pages can be found with the same syntax as the one displayed above, i.e.


How to get freeSSHd public key authentication to work

March 28, 2011

I was looking for a Windows SSH server implementation to use in conjunction with Mercurial when I stumbled upon freeSSHd. Setting it up was a matter of minutes… except that I could not get public key authentication to work. After countless attempts and many a Google search I eventually solved my problem, thanks to this step by step IBM tutorial.

Unfortunately when used in non-interactive mode freeSSHd doesn’t spawn cmd.exe, which makes it unsuitable for applications that expect their remote counterparts to be on the path.