bcbboost & CB2007 Update2

If you’re using bcbboost with C++Builder 2007 and you intend to install Update 2 you need to edit boost\config\compiler\borland.hpp and change all occurencies of 0x590 into 0x591 .

I’m investigating other changes that may be required and hope to come out with a new version in a short time.

Many thanks to Andrew Bond for the heads up.


4 Responses to “bcbboost & CB2007 Update2”

  1. bcbboost & Boost 1.34.1 « What the hell, what do I know? Says:

    […] bcbboost & Boost 1.34.1 By the way, bcbboost’s current release, 1.34.0-5.9.0-0.1 , works also with the latest Boost release, 1.34.1 ; if you have installed C++ Builder 2007 Update 2 you need to apply the fix described in this post. […]

  2. Heiko Fechner Says:


    I have BCB2007 Update 2. Without Update 2 everything works fine but with Update 2 I’v got some error-messages. (has_rebind error etc.)
    With your patch I have some new errors.

    borland.compile.c++ bin.v2\libs\date_time\build\borland-bcb2007\release\link-static\runtime-link-static\greg_month.obj
    Fehler E2451 .\boost/mpl/aux_/full_lambda.hpp 153: Undefiniertes Symbol ‘bind’
    (undefined symbol ‘bind’)
    Fehler E2395 .\boost/mpl/aux_/full_lambda.hpp 153: Zuviel Argumente an Template ‘lambda’ übergeben
    (Too many arguments for template ‘lambda’ )
    Whats wrong?

    Best regards

  3. nmusatti Says:

    I’ll have a look at it. Meanwhile, would you mind reposting your query to either the SourceForge Bug Tracker (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=805309&group_id=157809&func=browse)
    or to the bcbboost Mailing List (http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=bcbboost-general)
    This would make it easier for me to keep track of things.

    Thank you!

  4. Heiko Fechner Says:


    I reposted the message by sourceforge.


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